Thursday, October 14, 2010

Contest Ahoy! :D

The Scribblers Cove is having a contest! There's booty to be won!

[1st prize] A signature stamped copy of Mockingjay, the final book of the wildly popular Hunger Games series. Suzanne Collins will be coming to Susan's hometown on Monday, so she will get a signed copy and send it to the lucky winner.

[2nd prize] An 8 x 10 giclee print of Macaw parrots by Jonene Ficklin, entitled "Soaring through Paradise"

[3rd prize] $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble

[runner up] The Gardener by S.A. Bodine and a pirate eyepatch
So head on over to The Scribblers Cove for more information and details! Contest is only open to US and Canadian residents and is open until tomorrow, Oct. 15 PST!

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