Saturday, September 11, 2010

Secondhand Saturday No. 2

Kelsey is hosting her SECOND Secondhand Saturday, which is influenced off of Reading Teen's Secondhand Saturday posts. She's moved recently, so she doesn't have enough room for the books (although if you ask me, I'd love to take them all off her hands. Kidding, Kelsey, if you see

this. <3) The contest is international and will run until the following Friday -- Sept. 17 at 7PM CST. The only requisite this time is to share a little tidbit about you that may be unique. Simple, right?

Head on over to her blog, then! Contest information and details and be found HERE.


  1. But if I gave you all the books the giveaway wouldn't be near as much fun! :P

  2. Sure it would! I'd have enough fun for everyone <3