Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kindle Giveaway for the Blogmania 2010!

Bittenbybooks is hosting a giveaway for a KINDLE for their Blogmania 2010 entry! Insane, right?

I personally want the Kindle because of the ease of use -- lugging around a gazillion books all over the place gets tiring after a while! My friend has a kindle, and I'm totally jealous -- I want to steal it from her! Haha. I've never had much money, so although my mom promises to get me a Kindle "next month", it never happens. :(

Since the prize is so big, there are specific guidelines and rules you must follow to enter the contest. The more times you spread the word, the higher your chances to win get.

I don't want to butcher the specifics for this contest, so I'll just leave a link and you all can go and read about it yourself :)

Information and contests details can be found HERE.

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