Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dark Fantasy Contest Giveaway!

Alexandra Shostak is hosting a Dark Fantasy Contest Giveaway for reaching 100 Followers!

I've anticipated quite a few of these books, and if I could, I'd take 'em all!

Being a new blogger myself (although I can hardly be called one -- I haven't even started blogging about books yet), I just happened to stumble across these things called Giveaways. I was skeptical about them -- why would people give away books for free, right? Maybe book bloggers just like pulling out hopeful legs. "Oh, you get a chance to win Linger!" (I only mention Maggie Stiefvater's second novel to the Wolves of Mercy Falls because I've been waiting for the novel for ages). We get all fangirly and excited, and when the time rolls around to receive our copy... Nada! Then the book bloggers start chortling behind your back. Right? That's the way I thought, until I received my first ARC in the mail a couple of months ago. It totally made me raise an eyebrow, though, until I realized it was a way to advertise, more or less. Not that that's a bad thing, for poor, broke college students like me! :) I'm more than happy to pass along my favorite blogs to other people.

As for the contest itself, I'd love a chance at receiving the novel Paranormalcy. It's been on the top of my TBR pile for quiteeee a while. Although, if I'm being honest with myself, I had a hard time chosing a "First Pick" in this giveaway. It's full of such epic books that my indecisiveness reeled its ugly head at me.

Anyway, enough of my boring rambling. Contest info and details can be found HERE

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